History of Alten Studio

Alten Studio was originally founded by my Grandfather, Albert Tengelitsch, and operated out of my Grandparent’s home on Bowmen St. in South Bend. Alten Studio was one of the first to offer color photography for weddings, and did so by adapting a 35mm to sit atop and take photos the same time as his 4 x 5 pressman camera. Thus, allowing couple to see the impact color gave to their images. Assisted often by my Grandmother, Eleanor, they often photographed several weddings a week, boasted a quick turn-around, and offered additional services such as hand colored and airbrush retouched portraits.

My Grandfather began my formal photographic education by teaching me the technical side of film photography and dark room skills. Before passing, he transferred the rights to his studio, Alten Studio, to my name. I hung onto the idea of re-opening the family business as I continued my photography education by earning a Bachelors Degree in Fine Arts with a concentration in Photography from Indiana University. As a photographer I still look for new techniques to learn and will continue to expand my photographic knowledge.

Alten Studio now resides in Osceola, Indiana and serves the area proudly with a range of photographic services, including weddings, portraits, and documenting artwork for web and portfolios.

A little about myself, as the owner of Alten Studio. My name is Danielle Wilborn, and I have been working with the intent to have a career in studio and fine art photography since junior high, but only re-launched Alten Studio since graduating college in 2011. I am an avid traveler, artist, and promoter of local art. I maintain affiliations with Indiana University Alumni Association, Buchanan Art Center, Michiana Astronomical Society, Michiana Gem and Mineral Society, and hold the board position of Membership Chair for Northern Indiana Artists, inc.