Session Prep

Session Prep Tips


          While picking outfits, keep in mind that while you want to wear something that looks good,  you also want to wear something you feel good in. Being comfortable or uncomfortable comes across in photos, and our goal is to make you look your best.


           If you decide to wear makeup for your photographs here are few helpful tips. Make sure you start fresh. Wash and moisturize your face before applying makeup. Avoid foundations with SPF, bronzers, and some mineral based powders. SPF products have a tendency to help your face appear washed out. Bronzers and some mineral powders reflect light differently through a camera lens.

          Your foundation should match your skin tone, and should be blended onto your neck to help prevent an obvious line. It is okay to go a little bolder with lipstick and eyeshadow if you like. In order to combat shine, use a matte loose powder to set your makeup. One more tip for those of us that naturally squint when we smile, ( I totally do this!), is not to build up as many layers with mascara and thick dark eyeliner. Especially if it is bright out, and for group photos or from farther back heavy mascara can overwhelm your eyes. The main thing to keep in mind is that you want to do something you are comfortable with!

The Day Before

          Make sure to get plenty of rest the night before your session. It is the easiest way to make yourself look refreshed and ready. The second easiest is to drink lots of water, it will help your skin to look it’s best. Choosing outfits in advance will help make the day of your session stress free and enjoyable.

Engagement Session Prep Tips

          Sometimes a little more coordination is called for, and wearing the same accent color or style of outfit can really make your engagement photos pop. Matching exactly isn’t recommended as you want your personalities to come through. Choose a style that both of you are comfortable with and feel good in. Most women opt to have more complete makeup for engagement sessions. Keep in mind if there will be smooches, you want a lipstick that won’t smudge. General makeup tips in regards to photography sessions can be found in the general Session Prep Tips section above.

          Discuss with your significant other the ideas and images you would like to see come out of your session. If you have chosen a themed session, both parties should be enthusiastic, or at least supportive of the concept. We want to capture the excitement you  feel at the prospect of spending your lives together.

Family Session Prep Tips


          There is no need to match if you don’t want to, but everyone should coordinate. Think all earth tones, or all vibrant colors, all casual wear or all formal wear. Solid colors show up better as some patterns are hard for a camera to capture correctly. Accessories are a great way to add more personality to each person’s outfit, and it is always a good idea to bring at least one changes of clothes for everybody, especially children.

          Makeup- Often simple makeup is best for a family session. There are several tips for makeup in regards to photography in the general Session Prep Tips section above.

Consider the Children

          Bring a few favorite toy or books to help keep the little ones happy, but wait to bring them out or they just might be in every picture. If your children have a regular nap time try to schedule the session for when they will be awake on their own. It is encouraged to bring some mom approved snacks and juice or water for your children. If you are okay with small time bribery bring along their favorite small snack such as smarties, MM’s or small fruit slices.

         A new adult and big camera equipment can be intimidating for little ones. It can be helpful to explain what will be happening ahead of time. Try showing them photos of themselves on your phone and explain it is the same thing, and of course, we’ll ease them into it. If they aren’t wanting to sit still, don’t worry. Sometimes the goofy photos are the very best!

The Day Before

          In addition to choosing outfits ahead of time, laying them out along with snacks and bags the day before will help keep your session stress free so you can focus on enjoying your time with your family.

Pre-Session Questionnaires

Questionnaire for Family Sessions

          I want to get to know your family. Once we have reserved your session, please complete this questionnaire.

Family Session Questionnaire

Questionnaire for Wedding Packages

          Once we have met for a consultation and determined we are a good fit and have reserved your date, please complete this questionnaire. The questions are designed to help keep your wedding day running smoothly. Don’t worry if you aren’t sure of some of the answers just yet.

Wedding Package Questionnaire