Journey 2015 Day 4

First thing Monday morning we took the truck into Wolf’s Auto Ford Service Center. While we were waiting for them to be able to look at the truck we went in search of somewhere to eat lunch and see what else was around the area. We ate lunch at a small local cafe. (You can see my reviews for different eateries and hotels I visit during my travels HERE.) After lunch we came across the Ogallalah Petrified Wood Gallery. This little gallery turned out to be a neat find, with good examples of lapidary work and knowledgeable stewards. I always make sure to it’s permitted before taking pictures in any sort of gallery or museum setting, but they were very welcoming and enthusiastic about any sharing I wanted to do. Besides the rock and gem exhibits there is a small hallway that hosts rotating gallery shows, and a gift shop where they have local artisan creations available.

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