SPA Week 2 Self Survey

1) What gives me energy?

New ideas, metal (music), celebrating people’s geekery (it’s enjoyable to watch someone be completely excited about a topic), travel (exposure to new ideas), time (to absorb experiences and to create at a leisurely pace when the mood strikes instead of within the bounds of deadlines), gardening (it is a very simple matter of effort in = growth and reward. It is refreshingly simple.) Helping others to realize their goals you can’t help but get caught up in their happiness.

2) What drains me of energy?

People that are complacent with a hum drum life; that can get up go to work, come home, stare at the TV, go to sleep, and do it all again day after day after day. Participating in such a life. Watching people treat other people poorly. People that do not contribute to the upkeep of communal areas. (i.e. bad roommates). Constantly re-planning and changing things abruptly multiple times mid plan for no reason is exhausting. Continuous debate falls into this same category. Once I make a decision I like to work towards it not hem and haw over if it was the right one necessarily. All of these can really be boiled down to being stagnant.

3) What stresses me out?

Paying my mortgage and bills. When I take on too many projects at the same time. Too much human interaction. A little definitely goes a long way with me. Although I’m learning to expand that due to necessity. (People are exhausting. Hint: I’m an introvert.) A completely messy home/ co working space where you “cant” clean up or organize because it’s not your stuff. When people don’t hold up on their end of projects consistently.

4) What are the signs that I am under stress?

I clean. A LOT. I can’t sit still, I have to be working on something (anything). My clothing choices lose their uniqueness and I revert to jeans and a tank top. My nails break. I pick at my lips.

5) How do I de-stress?

Travel. Read. Garden. Spend time in nature. Clean. Message friends I haven’t talked to in a while.

6) What am I competent at?

Organizing and paperwork. Not as applicable anymore but dealing with pain in the a** customers in a retail setting. Small talk, again exhausting.

7) My hobbies?

Reading, gardening, traveling for fun, rock hounding, haven’t done in far too long but attending live concerts. of the heavy rock, metal variety. (If you have a chance check out the documentary Metal). Planning and executing themed decorations for holidays. Christmas to some extent but mostly Halloween. Last year I turned my house into Nintendo land with a heavy leaning toward Mario. 😀

8) What do I worry about?

I worry that the radical shifts in politics and society and the resulting clashes are going to happen sooner than anyone thinks and that too many people will choose the wrong sides just for fear of change. The devil you know. Also that a lot of people will not be able to support themselves/ keep themselves safe throughout.

9) What do I see in the big picture?

Knowing that there are people out in the world working so hard on any scale to make the world a better place. These people aren’t alone and they each cause ripples. On a small scale – knowing that I have a very small group of people I can rely on.

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