SPA Week 4 Drawing the Self

Hello, I would like to introduce you to my Intellectual Self.



Intellectual Danielle gets energy from new ideas, loses energy to people that don’t care to learn, is stressed out when faced with huge projects

and no idea how to start – the major sign of which is a lack of concentration, and recuperates by reading for fun or doing nothing in particular.

My intellectual and emotional sides tend to battle it out for dominance.





My emotional self is energized by small groups of close friends, is drained by being around many people for long periods of time,

is particularly stressed out being in large crowds –  showing this by standing in corners and being quiet –

De-stressing consists of (surprise) alone -time.





Last but not least, I present to you my Kinetic Self,

My kinetic self is a bit of a clumsy spaz that injures itself in really silly and clumsy ways.

Small amounts of for fun activity gives my kinetic self energy, such as walks in the woods or a short DDR sesh.

My kinetic self is easily sated by small amounts of activity and gets stressed with long periods of forced activity. (Just ask the high school

gym teacher). Signs of stress include sleeping all the time and twitching. In order to de-stress my kinetic self likes quiet walks and bedtime yoga.



My intellectual self is energized by new ideas which tends to involve large groups of new people which my emotional self finds utterly exhausting. Conferences are the perfect example of this.

Out of the three, my kinetic self is the most often and is currently overlooked. Too many hours are being spent behind a computer or wheel of a car commuting to Indy = back pain galore.

Adding yoga back into my routine is helping with kinetic maintenance and intellectual de-stressing. It’s a two-fer!



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