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Instruction: Research FOOD, a project from 1972 in SoHo New  York then plan, create, and document a meal and share it with someone. Document the process with photos, videos, and sculpture and write about it. Response: I began this project wishing I had gotten this assignment a week earlier. To […]

SPA Week 8 FOOD (1972) Gordon Matta-Clark

Instruction: Untitled (Sun State) is one of Beuys’s blackboard drawings, which were created during his lectures at educational institutions and museums. This drawing evolved during his participation in the public dialogue, “Art into Society, Society into Art” at The Art Institute of Chicago in 1974. Here Beuys demonstrates, with a […]

SPA Week 7 Joseph Beuys

Instructions: Read Dialogues with Marcel Duchamp Watch American Masters John Cage Select two instructions from Grapefruit by Yoko Ono Response: I much prefer Duchamp to Cage if only because I do not have to work so hard to conquer my dislike of his work. (Referenced in the video). The work […]

SPA Week 6 Duchamp, Cage, and Ono

I remember fondly in undergrad the week we covered Da Da in art history. Exquisite corpse drawings and group created poems drawing each word from a blind grab bag. I even attempted to host a Da Da day at the Buchanan Art Center. Not a single person signed up for […]

SPA Dada Response

Hello, I would like to introduce you to my Intellectual Self.     Intellectual Danielle gets energy from new ideas, loses energy to people that don’t care to learn, is stressed out when faced with huge projects and no idea how to start – the major sign of which is […]

SPA Week 4 Drawing the Self

1) What gives me energy? New ideas, metal (music), celebrating people’s geekery (it’s enjoyable to watch someone be completely excited about a topic), travel (exposure to new ideas), time (to absorb experiences and to create at a leisurely pace when the mood strikes instead of within the bounds of deadlines), […]

SPA Week 2 Self Survey