SPA Week 11 Project Research

Type & Size of Journal


3.5×5.5 kraft brown notebooks. blank pages. 25/ $25.00 + $6.30 shipping


5.5×8 (a5) kraft brown notebooks. lined pages. 6/ $10.08 + free shipping


3.5×5 tropical colors. lined pages. 24/$14.95 + free shipping

4)hand made notebooks

5.5×8 various color colors and styles. unlined pages. materials on hand. Time cost around 2 hours.

Action: Option 2. Larger size would be easier to write in and leave more room to paste or sketch. Lines over blank because a truly blank page can be a scary prospect. 10 journals to distribute. 1 in case of mess up and 1 for recording project.

Journal Placement

Expanded project placement would be around the region. Public places where people might be more open to interaction with a found object; college campuses, libraries, art museums/ centers, bus stops, “hipster” store entrances, art stores,  etc

How to encourage participation in the pilot?

Place journals with strategy, college campuses and art centers. Pass journals through friends to ‘strangers’ to participate.

Action: Pass journals through friends to other to participate anonymously. Ask for participants on local art forums.

Method of Return

How to collect the journals without breaking desired anonymity?

1) Drop off location

2) mailing

3) digital photos or scans

Decision: Photos or scans for quick return or preview for presentation from those willing.

Mail back for other participants.

Chosen journal fits in 6×9 envelope.  Price 12/ $9.99

Chose To and From address so either way it would get returned, and would have predictable postage. From address = Artist Resource Tools. To address = Buchanan Art Center.

Postage required $1.19 or 3 forever stamps.

Drop off location was vetoed as it had the most chance to accidentally reveal identity. Those willing to return photos or scans were not wishing to remain anonymous anyhow.

Include writing prompts and why?

Writing prompts can be leading and I am looking for authentic or spontaneous answers. However, some people feel fear at a blank page. Same reason I chose lined over blank pages.


Do you know your neighbors? Why or why not?

Would you like to know your neighbors?

Why did you decide to write in this journal?

What are you stressed about right now?

Who would you want to read this journal?

What does community mean to you?

What do you like or dislike about your city?

What do you deal with on a daily basis?

How do you fit into your community?

Is there something you wish you could do?

When have you felt like you belonged?

Are you looking forward to anything and what is it?

What would make you feel more connected to your community?

Method of Display

Formal/ informal

Behind glass in display box

chained to a location

chained to a specially installed box reminiscent of a phone booth

scanned and displayed online

photographed and displayed online  <~~~~ Journal Display Idea Pinterest Board url

Display methods behind glass or in a case, or secured to a location would discourage handling and reading. Why do I want to encourage handling and reading? So readers can have a tactile and sensory experience and hopefully that will help trigger the realization that a real life person wrote in the journal. That real life person has hardships and blessings and lives in the same area. Ideally this would inspire the readers to have a little more patience or understanding with/ of their fellow man.

Could bind pamphlet journals together for further involvement of medium and travel.

Google Drive Photo Folder for Research –>

Inspirations/ similar projects board ——->

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