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Revisiting old work is always interesting, especially when there’s a possibility of dusting it off for a new purpose or giving itanother attempt. Originally my Tarot project was supposed to be my senior thesis project for my BFA. Due to time constraints and the unforseen difficulty of wrangling so many models on so many locations the project was unfortunately put to the side. I do hope to complete it some day. Hopefully aiming for one card at a time instead of the entire deck will make things a little easier to accomplish. Here are a few of the cards that I did finish on the first go-round. As you can tell they are unified only vaguely in style so far, but here you are. If you are interested in being involved in this endeavor please contact me!

A Little about the Tarot –

A tarot deck is divided into two main parts, the Major and Minor Arcana. The Major Arcana focus on the major life lessons and the Minor Arcana adds in the details and fills in the gaps. There are 21 Major Arcana cards and 14 of each of 4 suits in the Minor Arcana. Wands/ Pentacles/ Swords/ and Cups.

Two of Cups – Minor Arcana – Tarot Project

Partnership – new stage of harmony – making peace

Three Of Cups – Minor Arcana – Tarot Project

Celebration -Brought to completion

The Hermit – Major Arcana – Tarot Project

Wisdom of Elders – Teacher/ Guide – Soul Searching

The Page of Pentacles – Minor Arcana – Tarot Project

Youth – Focus to the exclusion of all else

Page of Cups – Minor Arcana – Tarot Project

Naivete and vulnerability – Expecting approval

Nine of Swords – Minor Arcana – Tarot Project

Anxiety – past regrets – repression

Hierophant – Major Arcana – Tarot Project

Spiritual Power – Replacing tradition – new beliefs

Eight of Swords – Minor Arcana – Tarot Project

Unwillingness/ inability to make decisions

Nine of Wands – Minor Arcana – Tarot Project

Courage – Defending your territory

Four of Cups – Minor Arcana – Tarot

Apathy and Withdrawal – Desire for alone time

Page of Swords – Minor Arcana – Tarot Project

Youth – Taking risks to test abilities


“Origins of the Tarot” by Dai Leon

“How to Use Tarot Spreads” by Sylvia Abraham

Nova Deck and guide

Rider Deck

Waite Deck

Medieval Scapini Tarot by Luigi Scapini

Traditional Hungarian/German Major Arcana Deck (unnamed)

:The only Tarot Book You’ll Ever Need” by Skye Alexander

“Signs Symbols and Omens” by Raymond Buckland

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One thought on “Tarot Project

  • Amanda

    I think the three of cups has to be my favorite for sure. The rest are good, but there is something really enchanting about the three of cups that draws me in.