Journey 2015 Days 1-3

I had intended to keep up with blogging about this years adventures, however life seems to have gotten in the way. It’s harder to find a hotel with reliable, working wifi than you would think. We set on on July 3rd with plans of hitting National Parks, Gem and Mineral collecting sites, and good local food. Then on Day 2, we stopped for gas in Nebraska while headed to the Oglalah National Grasslands, and when we turned her over to get back on the road… SCCREAATCH… crap. We were stuck. In a tiny town in Nebraska, on the 4th of July, on a Saturday. We were stuck for at least 2 and a half days. We lucked out and snagged one of the last rooms at the hotel across the street. They even arranged early check in for us. We decided to see what there was around town to try to salvage some of the time, so on Saturday we asked at the front desk what there was to do. They told us that Boot Hill Cemetery was about a mile away. We headed out about 930 in the morning. It wasn’t a mile walk. It was more like two and a half miles.

These black eyes susans covered the hill on the side of the cemetery.

Since I hadn’t done any research on this location prior to visiting I knew next to nothing about the cemetery. For a little history here is a wikipedia link that lists Boot Hill cemeteries throughout the U.S.

Boot Hill Cemeteries hold people who for the most part died violently or quickly and often couldn’t afford a proper burial. They were often placed in the ground with their boots still on, hence the name.

These stairs lead up to Boot Hill Cemetery in Ogallalah, NE

Sarah’s grave is honored with her own fenced section of the cemetery, the only such area.

Sarah Miller and her newborn were the first recorded burial in this cemetery.

Trail Boss Tribute

I could find nothing about this grave.

By the time we headed back to the hotel it was about midday and over 97* and narry a cloud in site. Needless to say it was a miserable walk that involved many a rest and a close call with heat stroke even though we had taken plenty of water. The rest of Day 3 was spent in the lovely air conditioning of the hotel.

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